Friday, March 24, 2017

Impromptu speech_practice - What's get you excited about life

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Fellow toastmaster.

What's get you excited about life?

If I interpret this question per my own view,
i would say it is almost similar with question
of "what is your passion?".

Because passion will give you the excitement in 
your life.

I'm excite when I have opportunity to travel.
it is not often that I go for travel. But when I have 
chance, I'm so excited.

Having opportunity to travel is an eye opener for me.
It give me chances to see other people cultures and experienced
myself in different things, such as different in foods, weathers,
surroundings and many more.

Sometime, going for travel will makes me appreciate my 
country more. 

I will plan to go travel to many places in future and
that gives me the excitement in my life.

With that thank you.

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